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09 March 2015

The main goal of this site is to give you information about the downsing tool that is the Lecher Antenna (definition, construction, use, training).
You'll also find information on Dowsing and the Geobiology.

You'll be able to browse the site using the menu (on top of the screen in the green banner).
It will lead you to the definition of a Lecher Antenna: But it'll also lead you to more knowledge about:


Last news

19 April 2017

(19-04-2017) - Technical updates. Removed forum.

(09-03-2015) - Added the forum in order to add interactivity between users. You can participate in french or english.
(09-03-2015) - Technical updates.

(25-10-2013) - Optimizations.
(25-10-2013) - Relooking of the site in order to be readable on smartphone and pads.

(24-04-2013) - Deployement of an android application for the markers of the Lecher Antenna.
(23-04-2013) - Changed the presentation of markers for the Lecher Antenna.
(23-04-2013) - Updates a pages, external link validation.
(22-04-2013) - Domain name change.
(21-04-2013) - Hosting change.

(22-03-2009) - Translated the site in english (Use this flag in the upper banner if you want to read the site in English, Utilisez ce drapeau dans la banniere du haut pour lire le site en francais). Note that all information were not translated yet.


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4 Janv. 2009

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4 Janv. 2009

You can use all documents coming from this site for a non-commercial use.
Caution however some parts come from books as well as some images, they are explicitly named.