Q1 - Why this site?

09 March 2015

The purpose of this site is to give a starting point for the definition of your reality regarding various subjects such as dowsing, wave forms and Lecher antenna.
It exists since 1997 now, and at this time there were very few sites on those subjects.

You arrive on this site with questions about various topics, spiritualism, dowsing, wave forms, well, on this site you will find a begining, a start point, some directions to follow, books to read.

But certainly not THE answer, nor THE truth, because they do not exist and are non sense for the poor primates that we are.

But at least, a response, a beginning of answer, may be you will not like it, then look for an another one, do not forget it is your life, your reality.


Q2 - Do you sell your services?

09 March 2015

No, I do not sell my services, but you can follow a training with me on how to use a Lecher antenna.

Q3 - where to find good Dowsers?

09 March 2015

Look at the links section.

You can also do a search on the web using Google.


Q4 - Do you sell lecher antennas or pendulums?

09 March 2015

No, I sell nothing.

On this site, you will find various links to various vendors to you to search/view/compare.


Q5 - Where to buy a lecher antenna or pendulums?

09 March 2015

A good number of shops are referenced on this page, there are surely others, so do not hesitate to use your preferred search engine.

Q6 - Do you give courses/training on how to use a the lecher antenna?

09 March 2013

Yes, I organize training around the use of Lecher antenna.

Look at this link for more information.

Q7 - Where to learn how to use the lecher antenna?

09 March 2015

You will find on the web, many courses and seminars.

The best-known is ACMOS.

If you are near Paris, you can also come and see me.


Q8 - Where to find dowsing clubs?

09 March 2015

See the links page.


Q9 - Where to find the best information?

09 March 2015

Well, I encouraged you to subscribe to mailing list, you'll find the latest news and interesting people.


Q10 - Why is your site not updated more often?

09 March 2015

There are several reasons for this:
  • I do not dedicate enough time to the site. I am a poor timeless being ...
  • Subjects covered by my site does not evolve quickly.