A word from me

4 Janv. 2009


My name is Renaud, I am a computer scientist, specializing in engineering software, and especially object oriented devs.

The purpose of this site is to give a starting point for the definition of your reality regarding various subjects such as dowsing, wave forms and Lecher antenna.
It exists since 1997 now, and at this time there were very few sites on those subjects.

You arrive on this site with questions about various topics, spiritualism, dowsing, wave forms, well, on this site you will find a begining, a start point, some directions to follow, books to read.

But certainly not THE answer, nor THE truth, because they do not exist and are non sense for the poor primates that we are.

But at least, a response, a beginning of answer, may be you will not like it, then look for an another one, do not forget it is your life, your reality.


My areas of interest

4 Janv. 2009

The computer:

Programming as well as games.

My programming languages: Java, C, C++, Turbo Pascal 7, the ADA CAML light, HTML, XML.

As I am not here to write down my CV I'll pass details.

Gaston Lagaffe:

© 1999 Marsu Production S.A.M

I am a great collector, I have all his albums, more than 300 postcards and other stuffs.

Occult sciences:

Since a few years now, I read, inform myself on different subjects:
  • Spiritualism:
    From Allan Kardec. But I also read some theosophical books on this subject.
  • Dowsing:
    Medical, but especially telluric downsing.
    But also a bit of radionic, active, drawings wave forms. And all that is linked. My search tool is a lecher antenna, and not a pendulum.


A virus that is easy to catch, mastering light is a difficult exercise but very interesting.
You will find my works on another web site located at this address.